Short-Form Content Is The Easy Way Out

Facebook. A wonderful platform for sharing photos of your kids with family members, keeping in touch with friends, and perhaps even pop culture.

Then there’s that evil *share* button.

You see a political image which, on the surface, matches your view. You click share. No thought was put into that share. It was an impulse. No sources were cited. No research was done to verify the integrity of the piece. Hell, it may be an outright lie. It’s an opinion based on truthiness. I’ve been guilty of this several times and each time I always regret the decision.

Taking the time to form an informed opinion doesn’t seem to have a place on platforms like Facebook, however. Sites like Jawbuck are embracing long(er) form content and rewarding it. Will Facebook follow suit and help reshape the social media landscape from one of likes, shares, and re-tweets, to one of thoughtful wordsmithing?