Decorative Lightbulbs

Get Inspired

As a small business owner, your attention is pulled in a multitude of directions. Finding material to market your latest product is a chore. Or is it? Simply looking for inspiration is all that is required. Keep your eyes open. Avoid burying your face in your phone. Smile. Ask a friend for help. The world is quite literally bursting at the seams with inspiring content. If you aren’t willing to be inspired, you’ll never see it.
It’s been over a week since last taking my camera out for an adventure. Everyday circumstances have a way of bursting a hole in the balloon marked for free time. Yesterday I was touring the greater Nashua area for potential locations to plant the Zimventures flag as a home base (that isn’t my actual home). In between appointments, I stopped at a local coffee shop to enjoy a vanilla latte, and get some work done.
Crap. Their wifi connection is down.
I promptly closed the laptop, stowed it away, and looked around the room. What started as people watching quickly turned into a photography session. Above the crowd dangled decorative Edison bulbs. The filaments each differed in intensity and arrangement. Their housing bulbs uniquely sized to match the engineering marvel held within. Excited, I grabbed the camera, swapped in a 50mm lens, and started exploring.
How could I have missed these amazing subjects while standing in line, or even entering the building? Because I wasn’t looking. The agenda involved caffeine consumption, and email. Being focused isn’t the same as being present.
You’ll find what you’re looking for. Just start looking.