Before you start tracing your home course like a crazed 5 year old with crayons there is a VERY¬†important step you need to take. DO NOT put the hole preview and the green complex for a given hole (say #1) on the same page within the same file. When I created my first book every file contained all the information for a single hole. It turns out that’s a huge problem when it comes time to print! When we get to the printing and binding phase we will actually be doing double-sided printing.Take 10 pieces of blank paper, fold them into a temporary book, and then on each page write the words “hole #<whatever> top” and “hole #<whatever> bottom” on the top and bottom of each page as you flip through it. Now take the pages apart. You’ll see that what you’re left with are pages that correspond to the following file structure:

  • 1Bottom.svg
  • 1Top.svg
  • 2Bottom_18Top.svg
  • 2Top_18Bottom.svg
  • 3Bottom_17Top.svg
  • 3Top_17Bottom.svg
  • 4Bottom_16Top.svg
  • 4Top_16Bottom.svg
  • 5Bottom_15Top.svg
  • 5Top_15Bottom.svg
  • 6Bottom_14Top.svg
  • 6Top_14Bottom.svg
  • 7Bottom_13Top.svg
  • 7Top_13Bottom.svg
  • 8Bottom_12Top.svg
  • 8Top_12Bottom.svg
  • 9Bottom_11Top.svg
  • 9Top_11Bottom.svg
  • 10Top_10Bottom.svg

As you can tell by the file names, each template holds different holes for the top and bottom sections.

For example: 3Bottom_17Top.svg will contain the 3rd green complex on the bottom and the 17th hole preview / hole information on the top. When we get to the tutorial on printing this will all become much clearer but the short version is this: we’ll be printing on the front and back of each piece of paper to avoid having a yardage book with 18 pages in it.