Keeping A Still Noggin

Golf is a weird sport. Hit a ball that isn’t moving. How hard could that be, right? Nobody is trying to block you, hit you, steal the ball from you. Just hit it. Sure, sometimes it may be in some thick grass, or behind a tree, but at least 18 times a round, it’s sitting there on a tee. Just waiting for you to thump in.

As a kid my father had my siblings and I take karate classes. About the only thing I can recall from those countless hours of instruction, besides that horrible “sweaty gym smell”, was the secret to keeping your balance.

Try standing on one foot and looking around the room. Make sure your eyes move from one side of the room to the other. Now try again and focus on one single point. It doesn’t matter where it is, or what it is. Find a very particular point – a pencil tip, the lip of a cup, the corner of a book. Focus on it and don’t move your head. Balancing should come quite easy.

When swinging a golf club at 100 MPH I can only do one thing to help give my body a fighting chance in hell at hitting that ball the right way: keeping my head still.