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Welcome to Zim’s Word Game!

In this fast-paced puzzle, you build words from letters as they fall from the top of the play area. Avoid letting the board fill up – otherwise it’s game over! 

Along the way, build longer words for a bonus multiplier, quickly make words out of bonus tiles for additional points, and keep your eye out for the word of the day.  

Big Points!

Don’t just settle for 2-letter words! Complete words with 3 or more letters to increase your score multiplier.

Special Tiles

Keep an eye out for these during your game!

Zim's Word Game Ice Tile


This block needs to be used twice before it is removed from the board. The first usage thaws it out, the second clears it.

Zim's Word Game Fire Tile


Watch out! The fire block will destroy tiles below it until reaching the bottom of the board.

Zim's Word Game Clear Tile


When used in a word, the bomb tile will clear either a row or column, depending on the arrows drawn on it.

Zim's Word Game Steel Tile


The steel tile is sneaky! Once it comes to rest on top of another tile, it will remain there until used in a word.

Zim's Word Game Time Attack Mode

Time Attack Mode!

In Time Attack, your race is against the clock. The board starts pre-filled with letters. Each time you use a tile in a word, that tile is instantly replaced with a new one. Score as many points as you can before the 3 minute timer expires! 

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