More Than Just A Server

Countless small businesses choose the cheapest, or even free, website hosting platform and very quickly regret the decision. Over-subscribed servers, poor bandwidth, unreliable updates, and hard-to-reach customer service are just a few of the frustrations experienced when going with a discount hosting service. We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers’ sites run just as fast as our own. After all, we host them on the same servers!


Our servers run in a data center with 40 gigabit connectivity. Trust me, that’s a lot of bytes being slung around. Worried about slow CPU or disk? Don’t be. Our servers use Intel E5 processors and SSD storage.

Data Protection

We backup our entire server regularly using file system snapshots and off-host archival solutions. You can never have too many backups.


Regardless if you need a WordPress website, custom HTML, or even a custom Python application, we can host your site.

Uptime Monitoring

On the rare occasion a website becomes available, we have 24/7 monitoring services to notify us when your site is unreachable.

Customer Service

Looking for the best in customer service? How about having the email and phone number of Rob from Zimventures to contact directly instead of an over-seas support hotline? We’ve got your back.

SSL For Everyone

Every website hosting plan comes with SSL as part of the base yearly hosting fee. We’re strong proponents of a safe and secure web.

We’re proud to provide affordable, and reliable, business solutions.