Every Day is Father’s Day

By June 18, 2017 No Comments

Moms around the country joke that “Every day is Father’s Day”. While they are trying to jab at the notion that dads have it easy, there’s another take-away from the expression: you’re a father every day. There are no days off from the responsibility of being a great dad.

  1. Show up every day. 99% of fatherhood is just being there.
  2. Be a goofball once in a while.
  3. Watch your kids. Sometimes they don’t say what they need, they show it.
  4. Do what they want to do.
  5. Share (don’t force!) your passions in life with them.
  6. Hug
  7. Speak their language. You were there once too.
  8. Let them fail. Help them learn from the experience.
  9. Do something once a year that you both will always look forward to.
  10. Remind yourself that being a dad isn’t just a responsibility, it’s the the most important role you’ll have in your lifetime.