What Can Zimventures Do For You?

Let's Build Something Amazing

Every day is a big day but today is super sized. Today, I’m announcing that Zimventures is now my full-time job. My long time readers and followers will immediately be asking: “So, what are you doing?”.  Zimventures will be a full-service creative agency. The mission statement is simple:

Help local small businesses show what makes them special, on the web and social media.


While running my own small business I gained valuable real-world experience in growing a client client base. Crafting a website, social media posts, newsletters, and marketing campaigns were all done with a personal touch that clients connected with, and appreciated. Services that I can offer include:Keep Calm - Let's Fix Your Website

  • Static Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Web App Design and Implementation (I use Django)
  • Social Media Coaching – For those who want to go it alone, but need some guidance
  • Social Media Management – Full service social management
  • Branding Consultation
  • Newsletter & Mailing List Management
  • Digital Asset Creation (Logos, photography, business cards, online advertisements, etc)
  • SEO Content Creation (Blog posts, social media posts)

All of those services may seem like a lot for a one-man shop but don’t forget: I’ve done them all for my own business!

Working With Zimventures

There are three huge advantages you’ll get by working with Zimventures:

  1. You’re working directly with the person who’ll be bringing your vision to life. No middle man. No confusion. Have a question? Just call me!
  2. I’m obsessed with exceeding your expectations. If you aren’t showing off the final product to your clients and friends: I didn’t do my job!
  3. All the services of an agency – without the agency cost.

Do you have a project you’d like to collaborate on? GREAT!

Let’s talk.

Psst. That’s your hint. Click the link and let’s get started!