Learn To Learn

Learn To Learn

In Tribe of Mentors, Adam Fisher penned an amazing piece of advice:

Just learn how to learn. Then you can always figure out the next thing you will need to know.

There are two schools of thought here. You can either be the  jack of all trades / polymath type, or you can delegate. Delegation implies that you have a resource to actually delegate the task or responsibility to. In small business operations, you’re often not in a position to perform that delegation. Thus, you find yourself requiring to learn on the fly, and getting the job done yourself.

What does it mean to learn how to learn? There are the obvious tools to get the job done: Google, tutorials, books, asking questions, etc. The more important aspect of learning to learn is forging a habit of curiosity. The “what if I…” quality is what I like to call it. Honestly, I’m not sure how one goes about changing their view of the world, looking at everything in life with a curious eye. Perhaps some of us are just wired that way from the start. I suppose if you’re a small business owner you likely already possess a healthy bit of curiosity. If not, it’s going to be a tough road ahead.



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