Abandoned Wood Chipper In The Winter

Embrace Winter

Mother Nature is clearly off her meds. New Hampshire has experienced two significant snow storms in as many weeks with more scheduled in the forecast. Rather than sit around and mope, the opportunity was there to embrace the chill of winter and hike on a hibernating golf course. Golf course photography, in the summer months, is a passion of mine. Landscapes painted in shades of green with blue skies, dotted with the occasional cloud. Picturesque.

Winter photography poses a unique challenge. With overcast skies, the light is flat and the lack of color fails to yield interesting shots.¬†Searching for high contrast shots that will ultimately be stripped of color is primary objective on these shoots. Today’s hike started with blue skies but quickly became overcast. The real gem of the experience, was stumbling upon an old wood chipper. It was the only real source of color worth photographing during the entire hike!

Undoubtedly the highlight of the entire experience was spending two hours on a golf course and not making a single bogey. I could get used to that.