Order of Operations

I use GitHub for source control. One of my favorite features actually has nothing to do with versioning my source code, however. GitHub’s simple issue/bug management solution is perfect for project planning. Just having a simple TODO list allows me to set aside dedicated time for task/feature planning. Even better, it allows me to walk away from the project for a number of days, and be able to resume it easily upon returning.

Once the current TODO list is finished, all of the base game features will be in place. At that point, it’s time to start making levels!

Last night I wrapped up some the brick-combo functionality. For this feature, when the ball hits multiple bricks, before hitting your paddle, a combo multiplier will grow, making each brick worth exponentially more points! Hit that paddle, and it’s back to 1x.

In addition to showing the multiplier in the background, each brick throws off a little text glyph that shows how many points you got for hitting it. That glyph reflects the value of the brick, plus the current combo multiplier.