Order of Operations

I use GitHub for source control. One of my favorite features actually has nothing to do with versioning my source code, however. GitHub’s simple issue/bug management solution is perfect for project planning. Just having a simple TODO list allows me to set aside dedicated time for task/feature planning. Even better, it allows me to walk […]

API Reference in Game Maker Studio 2

So there you are – coding up a new particle system for your game. For some reason, the particles in the new system are always black, despite your best efforts. Perhaps you’re misinterpreting the parameters to part_type_color_rgb() in that they’re not 0-1 inclusive but 0-255 inclusive. Using your pro-level Google-foo, you find yourself at a […]

Game Maker

Putting myself in a creative environment provides a fantastic feedback loop. The environment will present you with challenges, you solve them by creating solutions, and when you can’t, you spend time away from that environment noodling over how to fix it. It’s wonderful. You can’t wait to get back and take a crack at it. […]

Oh. Hello, 2021. Let’s have some fun.

“Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”― Bob Ross It’s been a couple of years since the release of Dungeon Rustlers. That project was a bit of an experiment to get from code start to a shipped game as fast as possible. The game idea wasn’t ground-breaking, we purchased […]